Whether you want Professional or Personal & Mystical Development, start with our Designing Your Destiny Weekend Workshop.

Designing Your Destiny provides a comprehensive look into Personal development and Leadership skills. This program has brought solid foundations into the lives of thousands and initiated many practitioners and coaches to begin their own practices.

Creatrix Quantum NLP Leadership programs are board certified – ABNLP

The Quantum Mastery Path

At Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc.®, it is our purpose to transform the planet through the dynamic growth and evolution of mankind. It is our intention to remain at the forefront of human transformation techniques through continued research and development.

Our passion is transformation, we love what we do and we provide the structure and resources that empower you to create, achieve and live your goals. This is where East meets West for quantum success. Guaranteed!

Personal growth always knocks on the door of the unknown

This too is a journey that starts when you are ready.

Spiritual Connection • Magnified Healing • Inner Peace and Balance • Ancient Truths

Explore the inner truth found in a Spiritual Journey

A comprehensive look into the legendary mystical strengths of our higher self. Uncovering it’s personal resonance within a soulful approach to life’s challenges. Harnessing the power of a grounded spiritual understanding.

Dr. Kim Redman: Visionary, Founder and CEO of Creatrix Go Quantum

Keynote Speaker, Multiple #1 International Best Selling Author, Board Designated Master Trainer, Quantum Program Creator, and Quantum Stage Goddess

Formats Include: Keynotes, weekend introductory events, individual and group Results Based Coaching, customized industry trainings, and professional designation trainings that are recognized in over 38 countries and designed for maximum and quantifiable results.

Dr Kim and Creatrix Go Quantum® are where “East Meets West for Quantum Success™”. With one foot in science and one foot in Spirit, Dr. Kim is a living bridge. She works with Conscious Entrepreneurs who want to create legacy and mission, wielding the Expert Model™ to break concrete ceilings and launch them nationally and internationally into crazy success.

As a global leader in Quantum Consciousness, and the international founder of the field of Quantum Leadership™, Dr. Kim works with the core competencies, skill sets and behaviours that allow human potential to expand vertically, bloom, root and grow. Her ability to create customized and synergistically transformative programs is legendary: the Journey of Truth® program, Designing Your Destiny®, the Quantum Business Mastery (QBM)® program, and the elite Go Quantum® Leadership program are just a few.

Dr. Kim is Canada’s Board Designated Master Trainer (training trainers and opening institutes) in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Results Coaching. Pouring 30+ years as a Mystery School and Ancient Wisdoms initiate through the lens of quantum physics, psycho-neurobiology, quantum mechanical biology…and delivering with her dynamic onstage presence; fun, energy and education converge for excellence.


Dr. Kim spins the secrets of excellence, into a hands-on format. If you are looking to create legacy, make a difference and learn how power and compassionate action work as the ultimate synthesis and synergy, then you are in the right place.

Giving back and raising the resonance of those around her are foundational building blocks in Dr. Kim’s life. Dr. Kim has been giving back since 1989 when she was recognized by the Arts in Education Society of Lincoln Centre for her work with the still existent Chapter One Program in NY.

With her dog Apollo, she won the Priory Vote of Thanks from the Order of St. John in 2012 for her work in the Therapy Dog Program, and was medalled in 2018 by the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario for her years of volunteerism. In 2015 Dr. Kim was nominated as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada, Maverick category.

Welcome to Dr. Kim Redman, Creatrix Go Quantum®, and to your own Quantum Journey!

Leadership and Transformation begins here

There are many paths from where you are to where you want to be…
It’s a journey and it starts when you are ready.
Personal Growth • Business Success • Spiritual Balance • Communication • Contribution • Leadership

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