by Dr. Kim Redman

as published in SNAPD Aurora

I know it’s a new year, but how many of you have been feeling a general dissatisfaction with your life?

The strange thing is it isn’t something you can even name. It’s more of a general malaise right?

What you’re feeling is fairly common and it could signal that you are ready to make a change in your life. The first thing that happens is we get an awareness that life just isn’t as vivid as it could be. It doesn’t sound as clear or smell as sweet. This new awareness, while not fun, is the key that signals us to begin our search for answers.

The New Year happens to be a great time to do this. It is a great time to assess the areas of our lives; health, relationship, career, education and explore whether we are still passionate and engaged. If not, often some small changes could add enough momentum to your stuck situation that you begin to move in a new direction.

It is important to avoid the ‘all or nothing theme’. Take a class, go for a training, take a sexy weekend away with your partner, and assess how you feel afterward. If you feel more engaged, then you are on the right track.

Growth is an ongoing process and often our initial pleasure and contentment at our accomplishments, can in time turn into a feeling of ‘now what?’. Press on with your exploration, and above all be willing to keep an open mind.

Life is often very surprising in where it leads us.

Happy Exploration!




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