by Dr. Kim Redman

as published in SNAPD Aurora

In this week’s article we are continuing with our Learning Tools Made Easy series. So far we have spoken about the Learning State and Reverse Engineering. This week we are looking at some brain techniques that make or break studying.

Have you ever noticed that some students seem to zone out in class and do just fine, while others zone out and have to fight to pass? What about those students that seem to study in small increments and pass with flying colours vs. the students who study for hours and fail? Everyone assumes that the students in the former category were just smarter. I am here to tell you as Canada’s NLP Master Trainer, that probably just isn’t true.

They just unknowingly worked with their brain instead of against it. That maximizes academic performance. So let’s look at some quick and easy steps that make a huge difference in retention, access of information, and yes, test scores too. This applies to all academic genres and ages, by the way!

  1. TIME: Study in 45 minute to one and a half hour blocks per subject. After that, take a break. If you are to continue studying change to a different subject.
  2. RHYTHM: Do your best to get a rhythm of when to study. Some people are better in the afternoon or evening. Other people prefer mornings. Do your best to be consistent.
  3. IN CLASS: Use the Learning State (eyes up-zone out-peripheral vision technique from last article) and take notes. Make sure to write down any views the professor had or added to the material. Use Learning State before you pick up the pen or pencil for the exam and stay in it for the whole exam.
  4. AT HOME: While in Learning State: Rewrite the key points from each class as bullet points with one or two sub-points. Do this daily. The brain can only hold approximately 7 things. If you focus on the big points, your brain will bring the smaller points along for the ride.
  5. STUDYING: While in Learning State: Review your bullet point lists and use the brain pattern below.
  6. BRAIN PATTERN: While in Learning State: Hold your paper up high, so you have to look up! Read the bullet points out loud. Immediately drop your eyes and feel what the right answer feels like.This gives multichannel access to all the information.
  7. BODY POSITIONS: Avoid lying on your stomach at all costs! This puts the information in your kinesthetic channels, which are associated with access difficulties and learning disabilities. Sit up or lie or your back to study, read, review.

These may sound like incredibly simple techniques. They are! They are also very power-full. Play with these and keep.

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