by Dr. Kim Redman

as published in SNAPD Aurora

What TIPS Does NLP Offer For Learning?

Learning is one of the key areas of effectiveness for both NLP and hypnosis. There is so much information that I am going to do a few articles over the next few weeks based on this topic. Understanding how the brain and your body system works makes it so much easier to get the results you seek. Common results from the technique I will speak to in this article usually raise the GPA by a half a point, to a grade and a half within a semester. Practice makes all of this easier. Eventually it does become automatic.

Technique One: The Learning State

Most people who have challenges learning (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and many other LDs) are often using the wrong part of their brain to input information. Classrooms are notoriously geared for auditory digital input, and visual and auditory input. If you or your child is kinesthetic (meaning good with their hands and/or with sports) they are often attempting to reach those visual and auditory centers through their kinesthestic input channel. At best it’s a two step process. At worst it equals failure to the student. This technique activates all input centers to the brain and activates the sympathetic nervous system making it a relaxation technique as well.

  1. Find a spot on the wall where the eyes are raised and the head is level
  2. Keeping your eyes focused on that one spot, allow your vision to expand…or zone out
  3. As the expansion happens with your eyes focused on that spot, notice that your peripheral vision expands
  4. Finally notice that you can ‘wrap your vision behind you’ and have a sense of what is behind you. Notice the sense of relaxation that also happens. Keep breathing.
  5. Drop your eyes and go about your business.

The technique will last for several hours. Any time you sense you have slipped back into tunnel-vision, go ahead and repeat the exercise. It takes seconds to do!

Now make sure you use it in the following manner:

  1. Do the Learning State before studying
  2. Do the Learning State before homework
  3. Do the Learning State upon entering EACH classroom
  4. Do the Learning State before you take the test

This will give you multi-input recall… and keep you relaxed too.

These may sound like incredibly simple techniques. They are! They are also very power-full. Anything that is truly viable must also be simple to use. Play with these and keep me posted!

To Your Health, Wealth and Happiness!



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