by Dr. Kim Redman

as published in SNAPD Aurora

In this article we are changing the focus to business empowerment. People are flooded by information, over 2 million bits per second (and some say closer to 5 million). How do you break through to get a real connection? I’ve been asked to keynote about this a lot quite recently and thought I would put some of that information down here.

Business in Canada, and in North America has changed. Business communication and leadership used to involve the language of information. Now it is the language of connection. Canadians seem to have a harder time switching over to this new model of connection because it involves speaking about our passions, instead of maintaining that ‘stiff-upper-lip’ facade that is so embedded in our culture.

Here are some quick tips to empower you:

  1. The current elevator speech is taught: WHAT –HOW –WHY. It is all about what you do, with a touch of how you do it. No WHY is included at all. Flip your elevator speech around. If you model the top performing companies they all speak to the WHY in their mission statements, marketing and advertising. Aim for WHY –HOW –WHAT. This is also the order to follow to break the ‘sales is slimy’ model and to bring this into a real conversation that is service based for the client. Let’s define each of those terms.
  2. WHY aka PASSION: People don’t care what you do. The successful business person understands that is not why someone is going to purchase your service. In today’s market people care about WHY you do what you do. What drives you? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Why are YOU jazzed about what you do? In order to cut through the barrage of data, people need to be touched by your passion. If there are ten real estate agents lined up, people will be drawn to the one that seems to resonate with them best. In order to approach and connect to new clients, speak from your passions. An example of a WHY statement might be: “I empower people to make their dreams some true.” or “I believe in empowering women to empower future generations.”
  3. HOW aka METHODS: Methodology is the key here. An example might be “I use the top mind-body technologies to guarantee people reach their goals…and I do that with individuals and with groups.” Keep it big picture. People will ask for the level of detail that they require. It also provides a great opportunity for the potential client to ask questions, furthering the connection between you. This progression also allows for a natural sounding progression of conversation, making it easy to do in a variety of contexts.
  4. WHAT aka INFORMATION: An example here might be “I use NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching to support individual sessions, company targets and to train the board approved professional designation trainings. We are the biggest training company in Canada.” Data and detail is readily accepted by the client if they have asked for the information. This makes our job about service and that is readily felt by our potential clients and customers.

These may sound like incredibly simple techniques. They are! They are also very power-full. Anything that is truly viable must also be simple to use. Play with these and keep me posted!

To your health, wealth and happiness.



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