by Dr. Kim Redman

as published by CHOICE Magazine Volume 13, Number 2

Wild, crazy, through-the-roof-success is not the result of a fluke accident, nor is it limited to a special sect of people. It is the result of following a highly specific model or recipe for your field that guarantees reproducible results. Looking at this model holographically gives us Quantum Business Mastery™.

Three problems appear pandemic when it comes to reproducing this recipe; a changing recipe over the last five years, people using the wrong recipe, and the predictable failing of raw talent if it is not backed up by skills. The recipe changed ten years ago, and locked into a new format five years ago called the Expert Model. In this model you are an expert if you have lived through a hellish journey, come out the other side of it, and have the skills and credentials to use a reproducible process that guarantees results.

There a number of marketing products geared towards supporting the Expert Model, and many can work, if you use them in the right sequence – but most coaches don’t. The products are meant to be used as icing on the cake, not the cake itself. Great ‘spin’ won’t replace a lack of authenticity. e.g. If you are going to call yourself the Relationship Guru, you need to have had several past, failed relationships and a highly successful relationship now.

A Harvard Business School study defined the third problem in 2014: talented people fail faster. They are used to relying on their creativity to create a new system, rather than adding their creativity on top of a system that works!

What’s So Different About this Recipe? Why is It Unique?

  • You are the product in the Expert Model, and that is paradigm changing. We often seek to hide behind our products or packages, and in this model the actual service revolves around the value of the client taking an intimate journey with you (the product), as a tour guide to magnificence. It also means redefining expertise to include authenticity. We always say in our trainings that you are going to be a great NLP Coach because of your history, not is spite of it.
  • The Expert Model is education based and works via the stream of Results-Based Coaching. This means we avoid any traditional selling, because there is no need for it! The Prophet said, “Let the amount of money you make be a symbol of your service in the world.” Are you willing to serve? You must be willing to be caring, not nice, and educate people on the true cost of staying in pain. How much time, money and energy, and years of squandered opportunities has this problem already cost them? What will solving this pain allow your client to be, do, and have? This comparison creates a new awareness, and that is all that is needed for a lead to become a client.
  • The programming center of our brains, the ‘reticular activation center’ often needs to be startled into a new focus. In the Expert Model this is a very compassionate, yet real discussion. This is a meta-focus around a journey, and that translates into going much deeper, with fewer clients, in a pre-defined funnel of increasing exclusivity, and at higher price points. Greater exclusivity of time is reflected in greater exclusivity of price points. Time is now a commodity that works for coaches!
  • Intimacy and trust are essential tools in the Expert Model, and that means establishing trust with both the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind. Our brains sequentially read body language, then tone of voice, before processing language, and that means as coaches we need to be truly present. Stray thoughts about our grocery list, change our body language and that can be read by a client as, “They don’t care about me.”

Get the tools you need to maximize your ability to make an impact. The Expert Model mandates that learning is a continual process, and as coaches we need to lead by example. Continue to add to your own learning, adding techniques that synthesize and add to your existing tool belt. Remember to do this in the area of business and entrepreneurial development too.

How’s It All Work?

The saying goes: “the more narrow your focus, the greater the amount of money you will earn, and the more people you will serve.” Get really clear on your target population (Hint: They will often be earlier versions of you); age range, gender, household financial income. From this overview create an avatar; a single person who represents this target population. Define where they spend their extra dollars; gym, healing center, etc. This will tell you where to use your marketing dollars.

Offer 90 minute complimentary educational seminars (valued at $X, never FREE – free is perceived of as value-less). At the seminar collect (with permission) emails, phone numbers and offer to have them receive an “irresistible free offer” or IFO. This can be a “Tips and Tricks” article or a brochure that you email them, or they download. It could also be a 15 minute live “Discovery Session” with you over the phone. Remember that email creates awareness, but it will not create intimacy. You have to do that live with the people!

At the Discovery Session or the educational seminars, really speak to their pain. Why are they really there? What are they seeking? Who is the best tour guide? If it is not you then refer them out. Every time we do this, we find that we receive many referrals in return for our authenticity. If you are the right tour guide, give them an opportunity to experience you live, in a room, or a live webinar.

Intimacy happens in person! Use technology to support this intimacy. Send thank you emails to everyone in your room, and then follow up personally with a short phone call. Remember to get testimonials and always offer your clients a next step in the journey. We call this process creating a viable funnel.

Additional steps in the funnel are easily created by affiliations. This has the added effect of building a sustainable community. Isolation guarantees failure, so stay plugged in to community, peer and business resources! At Creatrix we have developed a massive community that includes business development support. Coach graduates also need to develop their entrepreneurial skill sets. Stay connected, and wherever possible, get mentored.

Who’s Doing It?

There a lot of models claiming to be the new ‘it’. If you are seeking to be invested in this new and powerful model then interview your business development resources, coaches and mentors with the following success criteria:

  • Are they at the level of success you seek?
  • Can they give you referrals of others who have attained similar levels of success?
  • How accessible are they or their team, in terms of support?
  • Do they visibly support their own community or is there on top dog?
  • What does support mean? Will they assist you to develop your own programs and services?
  • Are they working the Expert Model of intimacy, or the older model of passive income first?
  • Are they going for large numbers or clients, or depth with smaller numbers? Larger effectiveness, money, and prestige happens when you go deeply, first.
  • Make sure you have a grounded viable base of clients that are cheerleaders, before you invest in products that create passive income.

Keep growing, keep learning, build intimacy, and you will find that the $500K ceiling truly is made of glass!



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